"Cool Kids" in Denmark: Continuing Reflections on a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Group for Anxious Youth

Mikael Thastum, Irene Lundkvist-Houndoumadi


This paper responds to a commentary by Perini, Wuthrich, and Rapee (2013) on two case studies on cognitive behavioral therapy for anxious children and their parents using the "Cool Kids" treatment program (Lundkvist-Houndoumadi & Thastum, 2013a; Lundkvist-Houndoumadi & Thastum, 2013b). In our response we address the following topics: including fathers in the therapy; a stepped-care approach to treatment; treatment of non-responders; parental anxiety as a predictor of treatment response; combining group and individual formats; and inclusion of students in the treatment.   


case studies; clinical case studies; child anxiety; cognitive behavioral treatment; group treatment; non-responders; parental involvement; stepped-care treatment

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14713/pcsp.v9i3.1829

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