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Introduction to Case Study Special Issue -- Case Studies in Japan: Two Methods, Two Worldviews, Part 2

Shigeru Iwakabe


The goal of this special issue is to present two dramatically different models of case studies, to compare their methodological features, and to explore potential ways to integrate the two to make best use of their respective strengths. The two case study articles present an opportunity to view the breadth of psychotherapy case studies and psychotherapy practice inJapan. The commentaries provided by four eminent psychologists from both in and outsideJapan, and the subsequent responses from the two main authors, produce rich and stimulating dialogue that provides a forum for learning through case studies. This dialogue also helps to delineate the features of each case study. Reflecting on the two case study articles and the four commentaries, as the action editor of this special issue I offer my own observations, focusing on methodological issues of case studies and also on issues associated with differing cultural practices.

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