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Narrative Case Studies and Practice-Based Learning: Reflections on the Case of "Mr. R"

John McLeod


Narrative case studies tell the story of therapy from the point of view of the client or therapist. Murase's (2015) case of "Mr. R" provides a powerful example of the potential of this form of case inquiry, as a means of enabling reflection and deeper understanding around the practice and process of therapy. The distinctive contribution of the case of Mr. R is discussed in relation to the personal learning of the author in respect of a series of domains: working with the contextual and cultural meaning of the client’s issues, creating corrective everyday life interventions, repairing therapist-induced ruptures in the therapeutic alliance, and developing new understandings of the process of client internalisation of the image of the therapist. Theoretical implications of the case are explored, and some suggestions are offered around the further development of narrative case study methods and the concept of therapist wisdom.  

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