Vol 7, No 4 (2011)

Table of Contents

Co-Editors' Introduction to PCSP Issue on Examples of Using Case Studies to Develop Theory

A Key Role for Case Studies: Theory Building Abstract PDF
Daniel B. Fishman, Michael A. Westerman 434-439

Theory-Building Case Examples

Theory Development via Single Cases: A Case Study of the Therapeutic Relationship in Psychodynamic Therapy Abstract PDF
Stanley B. Messer 440-448
Defenses in Interpersonal Interaction: Using a Theory-Building Case Study to Develop and Validate the Theory of Interpersonal Defense Abstract PDF
Michael A. Westerman 449-476
A Case Study Investigating Whether the Process of Resolving Interpersonal Problems in Couple Therapy Is Isomorphic to the Process of Resolving Problems in Individual Therapy Abstract PDF
Hugo J. Schielke, William B. Stiles, Raven E. Cuellar, Jonathan L. Fishman, Corinne Hoener, Darren Del Castillo, April K. Dye, Noga Zerubavel, David P. Walker, Leslie S. Greenberg 477-528
Employing a Case Study in Building an Assimilation Theory Account of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Its Treatment with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Abstract PDF
Michael A. Gray, William B. Stiles 529-557